Gesture Notes

Taking notes is finally easy. Finding them is even easier!

What's Gesture Notes?


Gesture Notes is a powerful multimedia note-taking iPhone/iPod Touch app. It allows the users to take notes in multiple formats -- text, voice, and picture -- all in one convenient app.

What really distinguishes Gesture Notes from other note-taking apps is the way it allows its users to access their notes. Gesture Notes sports two innovative convenient methods: tagging and motion gesture recognition (this explains its name!). Tagging makes it very easy to organize and access your notes while motion gesture recognition makes it even screamingly more convenient!

Gesture Notes is designed from day 1 to be super simple and focus on usability of the app and accessibility to the notes. With the support of multimedia notes, tagging, and motion gesture recognition, one will never want to go back to other traditional note-taking apps they have ever used again!

Note sure if you'll like it? See what people are saying about! Still skeptical about it? Why don't you get the FREE version!

Categorizing Your Notes...The Way You Like It


With Gesture Notes, the users can tag their notes with any number of names. It's the same concept as Gmail's labels. This allows them to organize the notes in whatever way they want and be able to very quickly access them later. With tags, a note is no longer unnecessarily cast into just one category as usually found in the folder metaphor.

Don't Just Find It. Gesture It!


The most prominent feature of Gesture Notes is the motion gesture recognition. The users can associate each note (usually the ones they often access) with a motion gesture! It is as simple as holding the iPhone/iPod Touch and wave their hand and arm in various directions, however they like, to create a simple unique gesture. Gesture Notes features a state-of-the-art pattern recognition algorithm that can analyze in real time the signature of the gesture and later recognize it with screamingly high accuracy. You will believe it when you try it. This motion gesture recognition comes very handy when the users are not in the situation that they can easily use the touch screen, like when driving or on the run. Check out this video.

If You Like It The Classic Way, It Got Them Too


As in other note-taking apps, Gesture Notes also supports the classic text search that the users can type in search keywords and the list of the notes that contain the keywords will instantly show up. Or if you like, you can just browse them one by one in a single convenient list.

Share Your Notes With Others


Sometimes you don't want to keep the cool stuff just to yourself. A great poem you wrote? A thought-provoking lecture you sat in? Or an amazing shot you happened to run into? Share them by sending the notes as emails to your friends or parters. It's as easy as a single click and you're good to go.

Got Questions? Write To Me


Not sure if this app is for you? Unclear how it works? Own it and got questions/problems/commments about it? Don't hesitate to contact me. Just drop me an email at tretriluxana[dot]s[at]gmail[dot]com.